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You may not remember the one conversation we had months ago, but I do!!! I just tapped in your inbox to say “THANK YOU”!!!! I am in motion with launching my new business(virtual call center) I plan to incorporate my events into this business. You encouraged me to move my feet, and stop making excuses as to why I couldn’t do it! Instead, I started to focus on DOING IT, AND HOW I WOULD GET IT DONE!!!! I am nervous and super excited!! Thank you again and again!!! Continued blessings 2 you Vanessa!! You are good at what u do, I KNOW that from only ONE conversation!

Kimberly Cyrus Cyrus Communications

You are one amazing woman, entrepreneur, coach, mother, and friend. I’m proud to have the opportunity to sign up for coaching which allowed me to launch my business, write my book and to deliver an outstanding educational platform. This journey has been difficult but yet rewarding. It’s been challenging but yet uplifting. You’ve been right there guiding me towards my purpose, helping me to realize my dreams and talking me off the cliff when I stepped clearly outside of my comfort zone. I’ll always remember your special word “BABYYYE”. That’s my clue to grab my pen and paper because we are about to discuss plans to impact lives in the most powerful way possible.

Thank you for all that you do. I’m forever thankful for having the opportunity to work with you.
Absolute brilliant at what she does. You are guaranteed to come away successful.

Kim Brown www.financialmasteryexperience.com

A phenomenal woman! She has helped me tremendously through the journey of me writing my book, which wasn’t easy. She definitely knows her stuff! Now I am a best selling author! Thank you for everything Vanessa!

Erica Mozee www.womanuntangled.com

An amazing inspirational woman who claimed her past and made it her business! Vanessa is a woman of worth and will guide you completely in writing your own story. I absolutely would not have written my story if it had not been for God leading me to Vanessa. Thank you, Vanessa, for your leadership to all of us.

Deborah Nasir Adams

Vanessa has been one of the most encouraging and supportive people I have worked with. She helped me to see my potential and my worth. That my experience and knowledge was worth sharing.

Dr. Elaine Dilbeck www.renewurmind.com

It has been an honor to work with Vanessa Canteberry at Changing Minds Online. Together we have the Motivate Social Podcast and The Motivation Station Radio Show to help others reach their greater through Motivation and Empowerment. Together we are building an empowerment hub and it is so wonderful to work with a person that is powerful, passionate and dedicated to the mission and vision of the company. Be on the lookout for this amazing Coach, Entrepreneur and Speaker!

Dr. Aikyna Finch www.AikynaFinch.com

I connected with Ms. Vanessa last summer. I was transitioning out of college and into the workforce. She has since then mentored me with her wisdom, her life experiences, and gifts to inspire others. She is persistent, courageous, and never quits. I am a recipient of her works through mentorship, and I am forever grateful. I am confident she will continue to lift the masses one person at a time.

Britney Clark

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