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Are you ready to birth your book but don’t know where to begin? Allow us to show you our 3 step strategy for producing your book, by reducing your stress and empowering your soul to PUSH! ​


Editing is essential in bringing your story to life and cannot be taken lightly. We offer proofreading, heavy editing, critical review, and development.


In order to be seen, you have to market your product. We have a variety of ways to market your book to your audience to create a buzz and making them want more insight into your project.

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I educate individual who are in transition of W2 and ready to gain ownership in life and business. 

Having experience in a layoff and unable to seek employment for two years while being a single parent of three teenagers, taught me the importance of having a plan outside a job.

Fast forward, I’ve been blessed to become a Speaker, Mindset Coach, Best Selling Author, Podcaster and Consultant.

With this being said, not only di I have hands-on experience but I can relate.

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