"You must be the change

you see in the world."

-Mahatma Ghandhi

"You must be the change

you see in the world."

-Mahatma Ghandhi

The benefits of self publishing

InspiredByVanessa is a self-publishing company who educates aspiring and upcoming authors the perks of self-publishing their book. We are committed to walking through the steps to not only birth your book, but how you can market and publish your book in which can be turned into a business.

By Vanessa Canteberry

Birthing Your Book can and will be very stressful. We are here to assist you in removing the stress of become a first time author. Teach you how to strategize the birthing process.

InspiredByVanessa knows the processing of self-publishing versus going with a big publishing company. After getting over the initial shock of a $6,000 – $10,000 price tag and they wanted me to sign over my rights to my book. All if I decided to go with the publishing company was outrageous. This was the moment when self-publishing made sense.

Over the past three years InspiredByVanessa not only self-published all her books but have assisted over a hundred new and inspiring authors. Due to the personal development, transparency and much more provided it has open more exposure, interviews and even speaker opportunities as new authors.

InspiredByVanessa does not own any rights to your book. This is your baby you birthed. You will be working with Vanessa Canteberry and her amazing team to produce your book: from a writing coach, editing and graphic designers. You will be in great hands from start to finish with the upmost respect.

Our mission is to teach you the power of ownership within self-publishing and entrepreneurship. You will be able to generate additional income without having to work another job.

Here’s what’s including in Birthing Your Book

Layout for Writing – Guiding you on creating a layout plan for writing your book – Often times, you hear somebody say they don’t know where to start or they are in a place of second-guessing what they have written thus far. Stop stress and trust the process, your help is on the way.

Bi-Weekly 1 on 1 Coaching – Having frequent conversation sooner than later regarding your book project will make your writing process more effective. Gaining clarity in knowing the direction of your writing is on the correct path, could avoid frustration later on in the birthing process.

Book Cover Design – Includes Front/Back design, Kindle & 3D Graphic – Pulling out the vision to create a book cover that’s eye-catching.

Professional Editor – This is the long part of the process of bringing your words together for the audience. Your manuscript will be edited line by lines and make sure the content is delivered in a way the audience relatable. Proofreading, punctuation, and grammar are key points to sealing the deal to your work. Word count maximum is 60,000 before formatting. After 60,000 word count will be $7 additional for each 5,000 will be added to your account balance.

Formatting Kindle & Book Version – Aligning your book to make sure it formatting for kindle/tablet version as well as the book version prior to printing.

Marketing Plan – In order for people to buy they need to know what you have to offer. Create a plan for you to market your book to the masses on and off social media.

ISBN – Gives your book more recognition to be discovered on multiple platforms.

Illustrations – Create a visual for your entire children’s book. From the book cover, inside and back cover.

We do not accept and/or endorse any manuscripts that include profanity or offense language

Our Packages

If you already have a book written, feel free to schedule a consultation to discuss a la carte package to fit your specific need. We look forward to speaking with you.

Depending on the urgency of your book to be release, we have created a affordable plan. All of the above will be included regardless, of the package you select.

None of the packages include shipment of your books. You will have total access to ordering your books and keep 100% of the profit and the rights. You will be able to order your books for $2-$4 per copy it varies depending on the pages of your book.

Please note: Yes, we offer payment plans, however each package requires a minimum of $250 deposit before working on your book project. Once deposit is made and payment arrangement is set up, there will be an bi-weekly auto debit. All payments are non-refundable.

Editing – If you already written your book and need an editor, you have come to the right place.

Editing is something that people fail to set a good budget aside to ensure their book is properly edited. There’s different type of editing with birthing your book.

Line Editing – Your book will be read line by line and add the necessary punctuation, comma to complete the sentence and/or paragraph.

Proofreading ­ – Reading your book to make sure grammatical errors is correct. This is basic alterative and for well written books.

Content Editing – This is making sure the content provided in the book will be flowing throughout the book. This will draw in your audience and creating your book to become a page turner.

Critical Thinking/Review – Once your book is reviewed and there is a need to go deeper, we will have a consultation. Why? Due to your book is something that is serious and should not be taken likely, we go above and beyond to make sure, you book is birth in excellence. We want you to be proud of you book, therefore, we will provide you with the best way to resolve this dilemma.

Maybe you are not ready to write an entire book.
Have you thought about an Anthology?
What is an Anthology?

It’s a group of individuals who come together to produce and chapter in a book based off the topic of from the complier. The complier will determine what they would like to offer to the co-authors to be in the book. Feel free to schedule time to connect for advice and direction.

Why do people join anthologies?

Investing in Yourself:

Producing a project of this magnitude can cost you roughly $10,000 plus for marketing, ISBN, the layout of the interior, graphic design, proofreading, editing, and much more

Payment Plan Option:

Reason for joining:

You have a story that will inspire others in understanding they are not alone. You may not want to write an entire book at this time or you cannot afford the cost of a full production but you know your message needs to be shared.

Known as a Best Selling Author is something you always strive for, well this is the opportunity to make your dreams a reality.

Can you use some additional income?

You will retain 100% of the profit by selling the books via your website and/or networking! Free training and guidance throughout the process. Creating a platform for you to strive on another level. Learn and train with others on how to leverage your message.

Who are you and why you need to be visible?

This is another reason to join amazing authors by surrounding yourself with other authors. Networking and make connections to gain exposure. Start and/or grown your business with the best-selling book

The typical process consists of the following:

Planning – What is your deadline? Your vision that needs execution but you need guidance.

Writing – The layout of executing the vision of the complier. Support in bring it all together to tell a story.

Unity – Getting to know more about you and your publishing goals in order for the process to be smooth as possible. Making sure we are on the same page in executing your vision for the book project.

Editing, Formatting, Book Cover, ISBN, Coaching 1 on 1, Marketing plan is all including in the anthology project and so much more.

Yes, pay plans are available.

Schedule a day and time to connect to go over more details today!

We educate individuals who are in transition of W2 Mindset and ready to gain ownership in life and business. 

Many want to write a book but many are left disappointed due the lack of marketing, guidance, support and much more. 

We will not only show you how to self publish your book, but how you can turn your book into a business. 

We look forward to serving you!