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Your Purpose

Often we fail to realize our purpose or we don’t feel we have a place in this world. Can I tell you are incorrect? Mose family don’t have a conversation beyond getting a good corporate job with benefits and/or go to college and get a degree which will land you a corporate job.

In reality in this generation, this has changed tremendously. We have access to an overload of information online to the point we can build lasting relationships. We can even take courses and/or college classes online. With that being said, why not take the time to stretch yourself?

If you lose that good corporate job, do you have a backup plan besides going to fill out more job applications and hoping to get hired, which will lead you to become another liability to get laid off again? Nothing wrong having a job, it’s something wrong when you have access to ways, to own your purpose and monetize it as a part-time business.

Yes, we all have 24 hours in a day, have a family and all but are you will take the risk of allowing your purpose to leave this world with you to being subjected to building somebody else dreams?


Here are 3 ways to find your purpose

  • Ask yourself, what is it that you can see yourself doing every day and never get tired of it?
  • Once you have discovered your purpose, do your research and find out who is looking for what you have. Poll your followers on social media. Make engagement post so you can gain feedback to discover your target audience.
  • Now you have narrowed down your audience, make a plan with a deadline and get to work. Be realistic and be willing to make some sacrifice to create a lifestyle of your own.

Let’s be honest, it will not be easy, you might notice your support system fade away and you might even second guess yourself. Truth be told, that means you are on the right path to make the adjustment of getting out of your own way.

Trust the process and if you have any questions and/or need a guide, feel free to schedule a time to connect here.

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