I always dreamed of writing a book about my life and how much hardships I’ve experienced but mostly how I was able to overcome them. That moment came when I found myself in transition. A transition is unexpected events that cause your life to take a pause to digest what’s take place; at the same time giving you a moment to reflect on what’s next to come.

That moment came from me when I found myself feeling lost, confused and depressed looking for an outlet. Writing my thoughts and pain was my outline but little did I know it was just the beginning of making my dreams a reality.

After battling with myself, I finally took the leap to self-publish my first e-book called Shifting Your Mindset. The e-book gives your insight on why we need to change our mindsets in order to improve things in our lives and business.

Breaking the Cycle of Brokenness was birth from a place of release. Releasing those things that held me hostage for years and how I was able to overcome in order for me to grow from the space I was in. Here’s a snippet of the interview from my book. I hope you enjoy!

Cries Of A Broken Man and Screams Of A Broken Woman

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IThis book is a tabletop conversation that needs to be in every home. It speaks on topics to many are afraid to discuss that it’s necessary. This book is a must-have in your library of books of wisdom.

Have you ever felt as if you don't matter?

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I, as well as both of my parents, came from broken homes. I need to control my temper and attitude, which I picked up from them. Each time I get upset going forward, I will tell myself that I want to break the cycle of brokenness and my own generational curse and be in better control of my emotions. 

It's time to include yourself in your own calendar!

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I AM More Than.. is more than just a journal – it is a must-have companion that keeps you accountable along your journey and reminds you that you are definitely more than the labels that you or anyone else may place on you. Always remember that you truly are more than!!! – Rosena

Breaking the Cycle of Brokenness provides hope to what seems hopeless!

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