You must be the change you wish you see in the world. 

Mahatma Ghandhi

After experiencing a personal layoff to feeling lost and rejected, I had to take a moment to mustard the notion of not being prepared for the inevitable. Majority such as myself, are not prepared for a moment such as a layoff and/or emergency situations financially.
Once I accepted the reality of being laid off for over two years and still no employment, I had to go through a reprogram of my mindset to create my own platform. In many eyes, it’s unconventional to invest in yourself with your own funds; due to the way we were programmed for generations to seek education and a job. Times are no longer the same and I had to catch up with how to build a solid foundation for my family and the next generation to follow.

I had to gain personal development in business, from the layout to building the foundation to the structure to keep it afloat. After years of development, I’ve come to learn there are a lot of people who are now experiencing what I already experienced. However, they are afraid to gain ownership outside their employer.

After building a successful business and coaching hundreds of people globally, more people would reach out to me for my services. I’ve come to understand, not only people need answers to understand the difference between fear and purpose. The importance of investing in them and going from stuck to unstuck in their lives and in business.
I want you to take a moment and honestly asked yourself;

  • Do you feel you are broken and it’s leaving you in a place where you are unable to move forward?Are you tired of repeating cycles of dysfunction and you are ready to break the cycle? Will you be okay financially if your job gave you the pink slip today? Or will your business survive in a time of a hardship for the next 2-5 years?
  • If you said yes, to any of the questions, let’s connect and get you in the position to live the life you always dreamed of time and time again.

As your Mindset Coach
I will personally teach you how I was able to bounce back after a layoff and been blessed beyond measure to not have to work a job since 2011. You will learn how to can keep working your job and build your business on the side. This course will prepare you for this amazing journey but first, preparation is key. I will work on your spirit and your soul for the turbulence your will experience for greatness. This journey will NOT be easy but neither is staying stuck in a job that’s not secure.

COACHING – Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? Have you ever felt as if there is more in you but you are unsure where to start? Do you allow excuses to meet you where you are versus becoming a risk taker and follow your dreams? Are you tired of helping others to make their dreams a reality and continue to put your visions to the side?

POTENTIAL –  Do you have a business but for some reason it’s stagnant? Do you feel as if you should be further along but you are unable to find the source of the problem? Are you feeling overwhelmed and ready to throw in the towel but at the same time believe in your business?

PURPOSE – Have you ever felt as if you are so far gone in feeling broken, to the point you are so numb to experience pure happiness? Are you ready to accept that you are the solution to your problem? Do you want to remove the band-aid to the wound you continue to cover up, hoping it will heal soon?

MINDSET – Are you in a place in your life where you feel as if you are on life support? Are fearful of facing the reality of losing your voice? You are so broken and unsure how to gain freedom? Let’s start breaking down the walls you have built for protection.
If you are ready to end your procrastinationOpen to embracing the next chapter in your life unable to remove the blockage that’s holding you back ready to birth your purpose!

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