We are looking to collaborate with men and women who are willing to share their truth by writing a Dear Mom letter. In this letter, you will be sharing the ups and downs of the relationship with mom but most importantly in a positive light. Too often there’s a stigma that mom and daughters don’t get alone and/or mom get a pass due to giving birth to a child. Then there’s the flip side that we don’t talk about much; the upbringing of the mom and how it affected the upbringing of the next generation.

Being raised by a single mother and first handing experience of the side effects of her upbringing, could and probably broken me but instead, I was willing to dive deeper and get to know the history of her past in order to get a better understanding of her. Once I took the time to digest it all, I was willing to do the work on me to have a better relationship with my children. The book will be deep, raw and healing because you never know who needs to read our stories, in order to understand, they are not alone. Better yet, for those who are not mothers yet, will read these stories and understand the effects of the good, bad and indifferent but knowing, it can be better if you are willing to continuously do the work of improvement.

Transparent stories on speaking your truth in communicating effectively which caused you, men and women, to break down and relationships and families are tainted. However, these stories will also give you a better understanding of how to drop down the walls of discomfort to listen in order to understand how to mend what once was broken.

Coming together collectively to share our stories, will be a guide to have open dialogue and a clear understanding one another’s point of view in hopes to slow down the rate of single-parent homes and dysfunctional habit which caused our brokenness to shatter the hearts of those we hold close.


Do you have a story about your relationship with your mom? Regardless, if it’s not perfect but it’s something you are willing to be transparent about to share in a positive way. If so, we have a few slots available. Last day to sign up is November 29, 2018, and this book will be released in February 2019.

You may feel you are a mess but it’s a message! Your story doesn’t belong to you, it’s to help the next person.

Share Your Story & Own Your Truth!



Investing in Yourself:

Producing a project of this magnitude can cost you roughly $10,000 plus for marketing, ISBN, the layout of the interior, graphic design, proofreading, editing, and much more.

Payment Plan Option: $650 per person 5 payments of $130

Dear Mom is scheduled to be released February 2019

Reason for joining:

You have a story that will inspire others in understanding they are not alone. You may not want to write an entire book at this time or you cannot afford the cost of a full production but you know your message needs to be shared.

Known as a Best Selling Author is something you always strive for, well this is the opportunity to make your dreams a reality.

Can you use some additional income?

You will retain 100% of the profit by selling the books via your website and/or networking! Free training and guidance throughout the process. Creating a platform for you to strive on another level. Learn and train with others on how to leverage your message.


Who are you and why you need to be visible?

This is another reason to join amazing authors by surrounding yourself with other authors. Networking and make connections to gain exposure. Start and/or grown your business with the best selling book

Bonus Perks for participating:

FB Live co-author training sessions. Interviewed via Live Stream10 paperback books. Learn how I was able to grow my business while collecting unemployment. Skip the process of writing an entire book. Learn how to create other programs from your chapter of the book. Plus More..

What’s needed and expected from you:

Submit a chapter of 2500-3000 word count. Professional photo/headshot (high resolution 300 dpi jpg. Meet all deadlines for the project. Your professional bio 300 words count. Promote to family/friends and social media audience.

Cries of a Broken Man and Screams of a Broken Woman was released March 2018 and it’s an Amazon Best Seller.

Dear Dad was released in September 2018 and also an Amazon Best Seller.